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Tips on how to use your psychic abilities

What is Precognition?
Precognition is the direct knowledge or perception of the future, obtained through extrasensory means. Precognition is the most frequently reported of all extrasensory perception (ESP) experiences, occurring most often (60 percent to 70 percent) in dreams. It may also occur spontaneously in waking visions, auditory hallucinations, flashing thoughts entering the mind, and the sense of "knowing."

Famous precognitive dreams
Two weeks before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln had a dream that there was a funeral at the White House. In the dream he asked a soldier who was in the casket and the reply was, "the president of United States". Later when he told his wife about the dream, she remarked that he would die in office. Mark Twain had a dream where he saw his brother in a casket. He didnít know what to do about it and let it go. Less than a week later, his brother was killed in an explosion on a boat. Upon arriving at the town where it took place, he saw his brother laid out in a casket just like in his dream. Again, had the dream given him more specific details about his brotherís death, perhaps he could have warned him. Immediately after the Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean, there were at least two dozen reports of people who canceled their trip because of precognitive dreams they had about the sinking. No one knows how many had the same warning and ignored it, going to a death they could have avoided.

How to use this psychic test
It is believed that psychic abilities donít manifest themselves very often and that the more time and energy you use to focus on something, the more chances you will be able to use your psychic energy. That is why this test is conducted on a once a week basis. You have all week to try to psychically determine which card and which country will be displayed. It may come to you in a dream, while you are relaxing or it may simply strike you as you are not even thinking about it, perhaps driving home from work. If you think that you had a psychic thought and that itís not just your creative imagination, submit your selections before the deadline each week (Friday at midnight - Eastern Time). Trying to visualize it and desiring to dream about it are certainly things that may help... GOOD LUCK!

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